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A Balanced Hashtag Diet

When you're not sure which hashtags you should use, let our Hashtagify Tutor create a balanced daily diet for you.


Less Bean-Counting

For her suggestions, the Assistant keeps track of the hashtags you use, the suggested ones and their results, so you don't have to.


More Inspiration

To make things even easier, the Assistant's suggestions come complete with great examples to inspire you to use the suggested hashtag.


Prioritized Daily Hashtags

Some days, you know that you should write something, but you just don't have the right inspiration. When this happens, you can go to the Hashtags Café and find a ready made menu of targeted, prioritized hashtags, based on a personalized diet from our Users Lab.

Find the ingredients that turn your writing engine on, and keep expanding your influence!

An Inspiring Environment

To ignite your inspiration, the Hashtags Café is buzzing with great example tweets and instagrams that have a proven response with the suggested hashtag. When you want to directly reshare that content, you can do so without leaving the comfort of the Café.


Direct Deliveries And Urgent Alerts

If you can’t always visit the Café or hangout there for too long, then we can deliver the suggested hashtags directly to by email. And of course, when there comes a great opportunity with an emerging relevant hashtag, or when we notice something big in your field, we'll deliver an urgent alert in your inbox!

Constant Improvements

The Hashtagify Tutor uses the HashSmart Machine to continually analyze your preferences and results, and in time she learns your preference, as well as those of your audience, based on their reactions to your messages.

Over time, as she learns more about you, your hashtags and your preferences, her suggestions will continue improving to make your hashtagging easier!



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My Daily Suggestions

Welcome to the Hashtagify 2.0 Beta!

We worked hard to offer many new great features, both pro and free.

Wall-tab The main new free feature is the Hashtag Wall: Just click the "Wall" tab for any hashtag, and find the top recent tweets and instagrams in a new beautiful graphical format.

The main new pro features are:

  • The Hashtags Encyclopedia full edition: find 30 related hashtags, filter the most relevant ones
  • The Users Lab: get automated suggestions for your Twitter account, analyze influencers and competitors
  • The Hashtags Café: get daily hashtags suggestions and inspiration
  • The Hashtags Lab: formerly known as Hashtag Intelligence, lets you analyze your hashtags in depth

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