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Mastering Hashtag Marketing

Hashtagify helps you accelerate your business growth, brand awareness and marketing effectiveness through intelligent Hashtag Marketing. Our best‐in‐class technology helps master Hashtag Marketing far more quickly. We will help you amplify your reach, identify and reach the right influencers, and make smarter marketing decisions to secure new business.

The influencers feature is particularly useful. Why? Because it highlights the most active, influential and engaged users within my sector.
— Scott, whenthebeatdrops.com

We help you accelerate your business growth, brand awareness and marketing effectiveness through intelligent Hashtag Marketing.

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Smarter Technology

Since 2011, Hashtagify has offered the most advanced hashtags search engine; today our free Hashtags Encyclopedia allows you to search among Twitter hashtags and find the best ones for your needs based on their popularity, relationships, languages, influencers and other metrics.

But as hashtags have become more and more important for online marketers and communicators, the demand for smarter, faster tools has become increasingly urgent. That's why, during four years of continuous research and improvements, we developed a whole suite of advanced technologies and resources to make your life easier. If you want to learn the details, take a look at the descriptions for our main facilities:

  • The Hashtags Lab Favicon_hashtag, where single hashtags are tracked and analysed in depth
  • The Users Lab Favicon_user, where Twitter accounts are analyzed to get automated hashtags suggestions and alerts, to gain competitive analysis and to learn from top influencers
  • The Hashtagify Library Favicon_library, where you can search the full version of the Hashtags Encyclopedia and find hashtags faster using our advanced filtering
  • The Hashtags Café Favicon_cafe, where you can get daily hashtags suggestions based on a balanced diet customized for your needs
Hashtag Intelligence is one of the most important tools we use to keep an eye on influencers around our outreach programmes. The interface is super intuitive and its latest service additions make it a must-have tool for each digital communication agency.
— Nico Sarti, thisismission.com

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Welcome to the Hashtagify 2.0 Beta!

We worked hard to offer many new great features, both pro and free.

Wall-tab The main new free feature is the Hashtag Wall: Just click the "Wall" tab for any hashtag, and find the top recent tweets and instagrams in a new beautiful graphical format.

The main new pro features are:

  • The Hashtags Encyclopedia full edition: find 30 related hashtags, filter the most relevant ones
  • The Users Lab: get automated suggestions for your Twitter account, analyze influencers and competitors
  • The Hashtags Café: get daily hashtags suggestions and inspiration
  • The Hashtags Lab: formerly known as Hashtag Intelligence, lets you analyze your hashtags in depth

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